February 26, 2012

Inspirational Chandeliers

There are many kinds of beautiful chandeliers, and they often don't have to be expensive, with a little effort, but often a lot less money, you can put your own twist on an homemade chandelier.

This one is called knotty bubbles by Roll and Hill
I love Knotty Bubbles because it looks both cute and sailor-ish at the same time. The color of the ropes give it such a calming feeling, but if you're not looking for a calming feeling, spray the ropes in funky colors! Definitely making something similar in the future.

85 lamps by Droog
This chandelier by Droog shows that sometimes it's the simplicity that captures, the chandeliers don't have to be covered in diamonds to grab attention, sometimes just 85 light bulbs all hanging from one socket is enough.

You can also go the other way around and just have one light bulb, and something that creates beautiful lighting like this Capiz chandelier which you can learn to make here
via weburbanist
Or a fun printing like this Barcode chandelier.

The light from Tea Strainers is beautiful, and would be perfect for a calming lamp or chandelier.

Tire Chandelier by Neels Kattentidt
 If you have an old tire for an example, it makes a beautiful chandelier.

Are you looking for some specific inspiration?
Please e-mail me suggestions on what you like to see at guffaa@visir.is

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