February 27, 2012

decorate with lamps

The SMP lamp by Sergio Mendoza
Via admiringdesign
These simple environmentally friendly lamps are made from extra wood, from pallets and so on.

Teddy bear lamp designed by Matthew Kinealy
Via toxel
An old Teddy bear lost his head? Let the teddy live on as a night stand lamp in your kids room

Math based lamp by Mingyu Jeung
Via yankodesign

To turn on this lamp you have to solve a random generated math problem, it comes with a calk board for those who have a hard time with numbers.

Sticky lamp by Droog
This lamp is very convenient because you can stick it on the wall, floor or ceiling, it doesn't take a lot of space, and it's really simplistic.

The Tong lamp by mao & more
Via Treehugger
 This fun lamp can be made from scrap wood, metal, plastic. It's all up to you!

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