March 3, 2012

Bedroom ideas

via apartmenttherapy
Old window panes, paint them to match your room, and add some pictures in them.
That would be lovely.

via style-files
Pictures that together make another image, love it.

UFO bedframe by Ewan Robertson
via inewidea
The UFO bedframe is a great idea if you wake up at night and need to get out of bed, but don't want to wake up your partner for example, it's also pretty.

via meridianroad
I love the idea of making a bed frame from scrap & driftwood, so here are some of my favorites

via Free range designs

Very "up in the mountain in a little cabin" feeling.

via houzz

This one looks like a nest that I just want to cuddle up in and never leave.

via heirloomphilosophy
I found this bed while looking at bed frames, and i love it.

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