March 2, 2012

just something fun

KU DIR KA rocking chair, it's pricey, but pretty, and could be a fun DIY inspiration.

Leaf Tie designed by Tsunho Wang
 pretty and fuctional

puzzle floor tiles by Jamie Beckwith Collection

A great boys adventure room

 I don't use plastic bags at all if I can help it, and this is just a wonderful design collaborative of Lovegrove & Repucci called greenaid it's sold out at the moment but I want it.

3 opinions:

Anonymous said...

Mig langar i svona pússl parket ;)
Kv hrafnhildur

guffa kristins said...

here you go !
getur dundað þér við allskonar púsl og mynstur meira að segja !
þetta er geeðveikt parket.

guffa kristins said...

here are the dealers location to the puzzle parket.

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