March 21, 2012

nature design

"Nature" designed by Design Night
Just beautiful, so graceful and they have it in many colors, but they're $375.
Quite pricey but if you make a cool inspirational planter, let me know.
I love pretty planters.

BOSKKE Sky Planters
Those give me such ideas, i love the idea of it, and it makes me want to try so many different plants in this.
Like this one two, gracefully easy design.

Leaf inspirational wall decoration.
Nesting bed decoration, love it.
Another beautiful tree inspired bed frame.
Natural Wooden Wall by Bleu Nature
I love this idea, i love the texture og wood, and I want this.
Drift wood wall ! that's what I want. ohmy.
Leftover wood can make a beautiful lamp, here are three ideas I love.

French designer Patrick Nadeau designed the nature individuelle from birch plywood.
love this idea too, wood is always a great way to warm up a room.

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