April 1, 2012

knitting decorations

The knit stools by Claire-Anne O'Brien 

Chairs like these make the room so cosy.
Knitting also makes a beautiful wall decoration. 
  If you have an old lamp or something that needs a touch-up, knitting around it can be a warm renovation and make the whole room come together in a new interesting way.
And here you can learn how to make this beautiful floor stool and a chunky over-sized knitted blankets !
Learn here how to make a chandelier, a vase or any ideas you can think of with just balloons, glue and yarn, and you can use sugar as well instead of the glue in some cases.
These halloween decorations could make a lovely inspiration for old vases you have, see here.
Old 'boring' picture frames can be given new life with yarn.
And it softens up the picture frames beautifully to have them in the same color.
Or make something completely different and colorful to add personality to those special pictures!

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