March 13, 2012

DIY by modifydesign

Hi, sorry about how long it's been, I've been working hard on a project which is going to be in a show on friday and over the weekend. I'll give you a sneak preview though because I just finished it an hour ago or so.
 This is how the chairs looked when I found them in a dumpster, I should mention that it's a school project with the Icelandic garbage company on reusing what's been thrown away.
 This is a table I found, I don't have a before picture because I got too excited about this tiny table.
 Here it is without the dark-brown glass that was on top of it, I hope you can imagine how bad it looked before.
Here's the chair that was missing a leg, I made a new one from old curtains, and plastic bags, and cut out fun Icelandic words that mean a lot to me and glued them on the leg. The table also has plastic bag on bottom "shelf" and I sandpapered the glass, put on a primer and chalkboard paint. Yes, you can put that on glass, just sandpaper it enough and use a primer so it will stick.
 Here's a close-up of the leg I made.
And here are the chairs and the table together.
And I found the camera too, It's an old Olympus om20, I'm going to check if it's save-able. 

I'll post pictures from the show and show you the other amazing stuff my classmates have done.

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