March 5, 2012

Different decoration. Legos!

Have Legos from when you were younger ? If you don't have enough to make an whole island, you can but them under a glass plate like this ;
Or as your kids headboard. Or even yours, just spray the legos if you want different colors. It will make a lovely texture.
A lego Radiator by Marco.
Boxes to put under your bed, or have them on shelves as decoration, specially in kids rooms, they'll love it.
And you can of course stack them up as over-sized legos, how great is that for space saving!?
Let the kids play with their legos on the wall, great for encouraging imagination.
Lego inspired coffee table.

Melted Lego lamp ! That could be a fun project, just watch out for the fumes, I believe they are not healthy when melting plastic.

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