March 3, 2012

Make space saving beautiful

Dinner for two by Alno
This is perfect for small apartments. The seats support 100kg and the table 22kg.
I bet someone will find a way to make a DIY inspired project. because I would if my kitchen interior could.
Customize your stairs to make extra space if you have a small apartment on maybe two floors, or else it there would a lot of space go to waste.

If I had that view, oh my I would want that bedroom. In the summer I would need curtains though, because here in Iceland the sun doesn't set for most part of the summer, I would never sleep.
I would want this even if I had a big house. Imagine how many shoes i could fit in there.
That is amazing, you can even put your computer under there when your not using it.
I've been in love with the Scoop from Saba Italia for a while now, it's both so elegant as a sofa, as much as a bed. There's something about round beds that I love.

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