March 3, 2012

wall decorations

Add a smile to your day, it's a wonderful way to decorate your home, in any color you want.
metal tree wall decoration, I can picture this in my living room.
Mirrors can make wonderful wall art, they brighten the room and makes it look bigger, and I think it's even more beautiful when they don't reflect a perfect image like this wall decoration, it makes the room pop.
If you're a minimalist person, with everything in the same color and need some color or personality in your room, stickers are it, they can even make the whole house come together if you have the same style stickers in different rooms of the house. Or make each room special with individual sticker decoration in each room.

The graphic and colors of the stickers keep getting better and better. This website roommatespeelandstick is a wonderful way to start you off. They even have peel off and stick on mirrors, for those who have to redecorate every few weeks.
Many different styles and at only $10.49 I'd say that's pretty good.

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