April 15, 2012

Beautiful ways to tell the time

Para Clocks by LeeLABS
These clocks are made from concrete, there simplicity yet beautiful details are very pleasing to the eye.
They have 6 different types in 3 different sizes from 8" to 16".

And check out the Paraclock project it's really fun and a good project to design new clocks from concrete, and you can get some of these clocks by pledging fund to this project.


Math clock for those who love numbers by Pop Quiz Clock
and another one.
The clock table available at clockshop.com
A very steampunk-industrial-inspired floor clock also available at clockshop.com at a reasonable price.

This one is quite fun, it's under the children section, but I can also seeing it in the kitchen or living room giving an extra splash of color in a very elegant way.
see it here
I like the "number chaos" kind of clocks, even though personally I'd never be able to tell the time well, the background confuses me when I'm trying to tell the time, but it's a beautiful clock non the less.

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