May 16, 2012

DIY projects

I'm sorry for the no activity, I've been going through finals and there has been no time for inspiration for a blog, or time to do a blog for that matter, but I'll make a schedule for blogging so it will be more consistent from now on.
But on with today's blog;

This table is made from different sizes of wood, make sure to use tree glue or a glue-gun with clear glue.
And having the glass on top or a wooden plate is really important, else it won't be sturdy and no use for it unless you want to use it as a foot-rest.
You can see the DIY here

This one is easy, these hangers are a great substitute for frames, you can get them at IKEA.

Log jars can give a great look to a shelf, table or the room as a whole, see the how-to here.

Learn here how to make a lace bowl, wonderful and easy DIY project.

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