May 30, 2012

make changes with wood

There are a lot of things that you can do with wood, it looks beautiful when it's raw and gets to shine, but it also works great as a texture, painted on or using the lines in wood as inspiration.

Like here, this pallet is used to make a wonderful texture on the picture, I love this idea, print a big picture and cut it down to fit on the pallet, it's different and can work in almost any room, a romantic headboard maybe ?

Now, I see this picture a lot, it's all over the internet, and honestly, it deserves to be, this is a wonderful, romantic and cozy idea. And for a person with medium skills with a hammer, this is a do-able project, I'd use a different wood, I see a romantic a bit darker wood, but not to dark either, I don't think that would look good, but I'd definitely not use this light because I prefer it darker.
Don't do this alone if you aren't good with a hammer, I'd recommend talking to a contractor, because if you're going to raise your floor like this, or dig down depending on the room, is going to be a lot of work, but it's going to be worth it, just look at this room!
Old pallets used as a wall, this is just amazing, I love old wood, it's almost like it has character, like antique furniture do.
Now, tree limb coasters is something that I'm going to do soon, click here to see how it's done and the final outcome, it's amazing and I can't wait to do this myself.

I'll make a new one soon, it's late in Iceland and I'm a little tired.

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