June 7, 2012

candles and lamps

We don't need candles and lamps here in Iceland over the summer, due to the fact that the sun doesn't really set here. But that means we need a new way to decorate them if we don't want to put them in storage.
So here are some beautiful ideas that you can also do.
Here are sticks used as decoration on some basic glass candle holders, we have a lot of skinny trees here in Iceland so we can go out in the yard and cut some off while trimming. I'd use some bushes also if I could, some sticks with leafs on them, and you can buy spray that protects decorations from catching on fire.
So I'd think it could really brighten it up to have a little green in there.
Get the how to here
I love this, the orange candle is one of the greatest and easiest DIY I've seen, if you eat oranges that is.
It's simple and it got such a lovely summer feeling to it, and it's very cheap.
see the DIY here
Concrete candlesticks, now this I want!
It's so easy and so beautiful, and I need to try this with some textured paper or something like that to get a simple texture on it, just glue it inside of the paper cup before putting the concrete in. Please, if you try this let me know if it works out with thick paper or if you needed something thicker.
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Here are some egg candles, same basic idea as the orange one, this is so cute !
how to here
These thread lights look amazing, see the whole how to here.
This is a hybrid candlestick though, because it's recommended not to use a real flame for obvious reasons, but you can buy little LED candles, and I recommend using more than one color if that matches your room colors, it would put a nice little detail to the room.
Here are chandeliers with the same technique.
See how here
If you're looking for something different this might be your solution, I can picture this on the floor in the bedroom or the bathroom to get around without waking people up in the middle of the night.
Use waterproof lights though, no matter where you're going to put it, it's better to be safe than sorry.
See how to here
And of course the doily chandeliers, these are so elegant, and surprisingly easy to make !
See how here 
And there are endless options with this idea, color the doilies in different colors, put them on the screen of your old table lamp, and so on and so on.

I hope some of this inspired you to make your home more personal in the easiest way possible.

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