August 14, 2012

un-clustering your bookshelf

I wish I had time to blog more often, but here we go again! 

Firstly, I want to talk about books, I love books, I love reading them but I don't like how clustered and unorganized they can get in the shelves.
Make your own book covers, maybe just some splashes of color that can bring a book case together and un-cluster it.
Or if you're not to much of a color-person, get some old maps or newspapers to have them the same color, and hand write the book titles on them so they'll be easier to find.

And it also matters if you don't have time or the patience for that you can cluster them beautifully, yes, that's possible.
Things like this I don't find pleasing to the eye at all, I don't want to check out the books, it's very un-welcoming to me. Everything is lined up and not one book is really put in a special place, it doesn't seem like there's a lot of thought being put into it to an outsider, even though the owner knows exactly where each book is.
It's cluster like this that makes me happy, there are a little bit of a color organization, but the books don't have to stack the same way in all the shelves, and put some character in there, some vases, statues, flowers or pictures, it looks like someone really loves their books and wants to make them as pleasing to the eye as they are to the mind.
This is probably hard to do, firstly there aren't a lot of books that come in so many varieties of color, at least not here in Iceland, you can make this yourself like with the rainbow books in the first picture, but it's going to be hard.
Having the books make a big picture is a great fun way to make the bookcase pop, like taking a picture of the family and gluing them on the ends of the books, it could make a really fun DIY !  

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