June 14, 2012

Recyclable summer

Today I want to bring you some fun and recyclable ideas.
You can make these out of any jars, and it's a wonderful way to make your own glasses, I'd like a tall one for a jam that I love.
This one I have at home, and I've always loved how tall these jars are, and with a little detail in the bottom.
You can buy a cut out mason lid here and save you some trouble because depending on the jar lid, some might be hard to cut out, but you can always take a screw and a hammer and nail in a few holes if you don't need or want a fancy lid in the shape of a flower or something like that.
  This star shaped lid is also fun idea, can be bought here.

These old cans used as yarn stash, the cans are covered with contact paper and glued together, it's easy and eye-catching, it's time to start knitting this summer!
Fun and easy how-to here
Save some money on school supplies next winter and make a notepad out of your kid's favorite cereal.
This is so cool and easy and the kids will love this !
tutorial here
This chandelier is made from plastic bottles.
 And this wonderful decoration, which can also be turned into a chandelier like this one.
These are all such wonderful and inspiring recyclable ideas that I hope you get inspired and make some use of your trash this summer.

I'd like to point out this website: earth911, it has some wonderful ways to reuse your household packaging and waste in a beautiful way, please go to their website and be inspired.

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