June 17, 2012

decoration tips

Decorations are important, small, tiny changes in a room can mean a lot, even just one candlestick.
So if your unhappy with a room start by looking at the details, what can you add and what can you take out.
It can make a whole new room for you, without spending almost any money.
And here are some easy, affordable ideas.
 Need new bookends ?
This is such an easy DIY task, and it doesn't cost that much.
you can use all kinds of plastic animals & toys, just find what you like the most.
See the whole tutorial here

Now, this is an easy decorating tip, you can take any picture and print it out, nail by the outlines on a plank of wood, and you could also just nail one nail in the middle, if you don't want a heart, have the nails any color, the wood any color and the string any color! this screams creative ideas for me, how about you ?

I like this idea a lot, you can't always find a flowerpot that works for you or they are too expensive, but this way, you don't need to buy, or make, a flowerpot at all, you just need a little bit of heavy clay mud, or bonsai soil, potting soil, moss and twine, and of course a small plant.
See the how to here

This is a wonderful way to display books in your house, and it's perfect in little kids room, they have a harder time hurting themselves on this then on pointy corners on a shelf.
Like Marisa did on her blog
the full tutorial is here

This idea from apartment therapy is wonderful. It's easy, affordable and looks amazing.
See the tutorial here
And like you may have noticed already, wood done right is one of my favorite DIY.

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kris_ said...

A touch of DIY definitely makes the apartment home unique. I just love these great ideas you posted on your blog! I could use these as inspiration for my next project in my apartments in lisle il.

guffa kristins said...

Thank you so much ! I'd be really interested in seeing what you do with the place ! I'm glad I inspire you, that's what I'm here for !

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