June 20, 2012

PVC pipes and books DIY

These ideas are some that I feel that will personalize a bit more the small details in your home, so maybe we'll call it decoration tips part II !
Firstly the PVC pipes;

PVC pipes, there are some awesome things I found out you could do with those, like this candlestick, you could paint them to fit your room or make it stand out, either cold (when everything else is colorful) or vise versa.
Or as flower vases since it's summer, and the "Pretty Vase Collection by Francois Xavier Ballery" is in fact really pretty and a great DIY project !

I know this is a holiday craft, but I see so many possibilities !
Firstly, just as a work of art, in different colors and make some funky shapes out of it, constructions under a shelf or a table. storage for spices in the kitchen, for toothpastes and toothbrushes in the bathroom or to hold the shampoo, and I could go on and on.

Keep your laptop from overheating, and it just looks so cute !

And now to the books;
Personalized Iphone dock, it's so easy to make and it's a wonderful way to personalize your nightstand. Your favorite books or just some pretty covers, it's extremely easy to make like you can see here on Curbly.

This idea is made from a hardcover book, a 5$ lamp from IKEA and a rubber band, so extremely affordable, and with the right book, this can look super cool, if you have many books on a table, like in the picture, and have the "book lamp" in the middle, it can look really good.
See more here

Book planters, how cute is this !
See it here on homedit.

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