July 9, 2012

decorative accessories

This blog will be a little bit of an inspiration for the little accessories you can add to your home, I'll try to have it every style, I for example love raw accessories, like these cement office equipments.
It's named Solid Desk Accessories designed and hand-cast at Magnus Pettersen Studio 
The only thing I have a problem with here is there it seems to raw, there's always suppose to a little color, or else it seems boring and without any personality.
Woodcut Maps is amazing, they make a map of NY for example, made by wood, I love it.
You can choose the place you want to have on the picture.
This board has a personality, there's a great tutorial here.
Here's another great one from design sponge, This fish scale pendant lamp is amazing, click here to see the beautiful transformation.

I love it when old decorative frames are painted the same color, they match without matching, it mixes this personal factor with the raw basic minimalism.
Another great use of doilies.
What a great way to mix frames and plants together, the 3d affect is beautiful. I'd love to experiment with other kinds of flowers to match the wallpaper like these do, I think it looks amazing.
Again, the 3d affect is so crucial, it makes this beautiful and easy DIY project bring the colors of the wall and the naturistic forms mix with the plants.

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