July 4, 2012

Nature, dinosaurs and wine corks

I like this idea a lot for a cute little artwork on the wall, maybe paint them different color, depending on what matches your space, and let your imagination control, pick something you find beautiful and is easy to get in your neighborhood, some people collect shells.
This may become a stepping stone in your garden, or even a beautiful bowl in your livingroom.
See the post here
I love this ! The tutorial is a little bit to basic though, so if you have any questions please let me know.
I think it'd be easiest to buy a light that has a battery, if you can't hide the cords that you would plug into the walls, if you have a battery powered one, you could hide it behind the canvas.
You can see it here
 This Rock runner is such a beautiful and easy DIY projects if you got flat rocks close to you or someone in your family collected them. They also make a beautiful doormat.
And it might be a fun idea if you got kids to let them color the rocks in different colors and make it a little bit personal.
See how here
Here's an easy one for parties, it makes a fun little summer theme to the party.
And here's one with fresh herbs mixed with water.
Another cozy cork idea, there's no need to throw it away, there's a lot of things that you can use them for, it's important to not throw away the things that can me reused, and specially things like this, it can give such a calming and romantic feeling to a room.
I want these candle sticks ! I loved dinosaurs so much as a kid, and it's just such a personal feel for me, but it's also so easy, bright color spray or paint, and some dollar store toys !

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