July 18, 2012


Hello again, sorry for no activity, I hope today's blog makes up for it.
Let's start with the paint-dipped trend, and how my favorite paint-dipped items look.
These spoons for example are so stunning, this is exactly what I think paint-dipping is about, connecting the old, with a new personal flare. Having different colors and even paint-dip your glasses to match like you can see here
Now, pinecones make a great decoration any time of the year, but to spice it up a little, dip them in paint and mix them in with normal ones or different colors, have half of the pinecone painted.
Originally found here
And of course, you should play with it and make it personal, I love this idea to make the paint drip up, by turning the pot upside-down, mix colors and have a good time ! 
Make the edges soft and feminine like ohhappyday.com did.
Or make it look like a fun mistake like seen on home-dzine.co.za
This is a wonderful way to decorate and I hope it will inspire some of you ! 

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