July 2, 2012

personalize is the key to romance

How easy ? 
These red lips would add a really nice and elegant flavor to a livingroom, diningroom or even the bedroom.
This would also be so romantic over the bed, it's also extremely easy, see the how to here, it's not in english, but the pictures show it really well.
You can of course make this in any size, so I'd make a big headboard with a word like "love" or something that means a lot to the people who sleep in the bed, maybe your names ?
This lamp you can buy here for 22$, and there is a how to on that page also, so maybe some of you DIY geniuses can make your own versions ?
How romantic to go to sleep under the stars every evening.
This I find adorable, you and your partner, you and your kid, or your kids if you got two, can make a heart together. It's really personal and that's what romance and love are all about.
I think this is romantic, rusty and old, maybe I'm just weird like that, but the bed tray is something I must make. This almost screams perfect.
A moss ringbearer pillow, it doesn't have to be a ringbearer pillow, it can be a decoration in your house, a DIY tutorial here, there are so photos though. I'm sorry about that, put please personalize, it makes everything romantic.

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